NOTE: Possibility of booking only from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Other hours on request.

If you do not see an available time on the calendar, please select another day.

The room is styled like a prison cell: striped bedding, two-story beds, bars on the windows and a suspended punching bag. There is no bathroom in the room. Climatic, it was created with men’s sessions in mind.


    • 1 hour – PLN 100
    • 2 hours – PLN 200

In addition, for those who are willing:

    • 1 hour with photographer – PLN 500 (up to 5 photos), PLN 800 (up to 10 photos), PLN 1000 (up to 15 photos)

Minimum number of hours of rental: 1

Maximum number of hours of rental: 2 or more

From: 100,00  Brutto


Additional information


Amenities: 3 bunk beds, striped bedding, wooden floor, punching bag, overhead bar, bhp cabinets, brick, bedside lamps and 2 windows.