Rules and regulations for renting studio LOFT 22


The LOFT 22 photography studio is owned and operated by the company

PUH REMBUDAN Andrzej Brodzinski, ul. Warszawska 22, 05-140 Stasi Las, NIP: 1250007073, REGON number: 012283023 In these Regulations referred to as the Lessor.

Individuals or commercial entities using the rental of a studio are referred to as Tenants.

The primary purpose of the studio is to perform photo shoots and record footage.

In addition, the studio can be rented for other purposes including: meetings, workshops, special events.


The landlord provides photo studio rental services with studio equipment.

Equipment included in the studio equipment should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, in case of doubts about the operation, the Lessor should be consulted immediately.

The lessor undertakes to rent equipment that is in working order. Any equipment defects should be reported immediately.

The Hirer undertakes to use the rented equipment in accordance with its purpose and safety rules, and to ensure that the equipment entrusted to him is not damaged through the fault of the Hirer and third parties staying in the studio during the rental (models, make-up artists, assistants, etc.).

Studio equipment can be operated by people with technical knowledge and skills in the use of such equipment. If the above qualifications are found to be lacking, the lessor may refuse to issue or use the reserved photo studio equipment.

The studio room and equipment must be returned in the same condition as before use. This means: turn off equipment and put it in its proper place, move moved furniture, and carefully assemble equipment and decorative items.

The hirer undertakes to cover the cost of any damage caused by the hirer or third parties staying in the studio during the rental (models, make-up artists, assistants, etc.) according to the degree of damage, while not excluding the assertion of other claims on this account.

The landlord is not responsible for any damage on the part of the tenant or persons cooperating with him, related to the use of rented equipment, as well as the consequences of accidents involving persons participating in the work in the studio.


Use of the studio for illegal purposes is prohibited.

If acts are performed, all persons attending the session should have documents proving their age.

All persons staying in the studio for hire should be of legal age or have the appropriate consent of their legal guardian.

The Landlord reserves the right to terminate the rental of the studio in case the activities conducted with its use would be related to content considered prohibited under Polish law.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the studio.

The Landlord is not responsible for items left in the Studio by the Tenant or third parties.

The landlord does not agree to leave things and storage in the Studio.

The landlord is not responsible for the quality of services provided by external entities, as well as for the impediments associated with the work of adjacent companies.


Photographic studio rental fees are charged according to the price list (photo shoots) or according to individual arrangements (commercial, films, music videos).

All prices listed in the price list are gross prices. Photo shoots and other rental projects are subject to 23% VAT.

Cancellation of the studio rental reservation at any time before the rental date – payable by the renter 100% according to the price list or by separate arrangement, with the possibility of transferring the session to another available date.

The Lessor must be informed of cancellation or rescheduling by phone or email no later than 48 h before the scheduled rental day. Date changes can be made free of charge.


Studio reservations can be made:

By phone: (+48) 502532301 and (22) 4161515

By email:

via the studio’s profile on Facebook

via the studio’s profile on the photographic social network Instagram.

The reservation will be confirmed by the Lessor by phone or email.

Payment can be made either at the studio’s office or by wire transfer, online payment through the reservation system.

The duration of the rental of the photographic studio with equipment is calculated from the time confirmed by the reservation (rental agreement) until the established time of the end of the reservation.

In case of late or early release of the studio by the renter, the price will not be changed.

In the case of extended rental time, the time counts until the last participant of the session leaves the Studio. The rental renewal fee is charged according to the price list according to hourly rental.

Renewal of the lease can take place when there is a possibility.

Personal information is used only for the conclusion of the Studio rental agreement.


By reserving the studio, the lessee is fully aware of the rules contained in the LOFT 22 photo studio rental regulations and is aware of the consequences of failure to comply with their provisions.


These regulations are effective as of January 1, 2021.

The landlord reserves the right to amend these regulations.