COVID-19 procedures

For the sake of your health and safe stay, we have introduced the following security measures:

1)A hand sanitizer has been made available at LOFT 22 for guests. The dispenser is located at the entrance, at the reception desk.
2)Instructions for proper hand disinfection have been placed next to the liquid dispenser.
3)Instructions on proper hand washing have been made available in public restrooms.
4)Public spaces and corridors are regularly ventilated and disinfected.
5)All public surfaces of reception desks, handles, handrails, light switches shall be disinfected with appropriate agents.
6)To increase the safety of guests and and employees, a special protective cover has been installed in the reception area.
7)LOFT 22 personnel are equipped with protective gear – masks or visors and disposable gloves.
8)LOFT 22 employees are required to regularly disinfect their hands and their work stations.
9)Guests can purchase protective masks and disinfectant fluids at the reception desk.
10)The reception desk is equipped with a thermometer for non-contact temperature measurement.

1)All Guests entering LOFT 22 are asked to disinfect their hands with antibacterial liquid.
2)Guests of LOFT 22 are required to use personal protective equipment in the form of masks in public spaces.
3)If there are obvious signs of illness such as persistent cough, malaise, difficulty breathing, according to sanitary-epidemiological guidelines, the Guest will not be checked in.
4)Guests can measure their body temperature with a non-contact thermometer.
5)Due to the need for social distance, 2 people are allowed in the hotel lobby at a time.
6)The procedure for checking in and checking out Guests at the reception has been reduced to the minimum necessary.
7)While in the reception area, Guests are asked to maintain the required distance.
8)It is strictly forbidden for unregistered persons to stay on the premises of LOFT 22. The ban also applies to visits to public spaces such as hotel lobbies.
9)Non-cash form of payment is preferred – debit and credit cards.
10)The room keys left at the reception are subject to disinfection each time.

1)Cleaning personnel shall be equipped with the necessary protective equipment – masks or visors, disposable gloves and, if necessary, disposable aprons.
2)During your stay at LOFT 22, daily room cleaning is done only at the express request of guests, only in their absence. Guests are asked to leave the windows open before scheduling room cleaning.
3)Please notify the front desk if you need to change your towels.
4)A thorough cleaning of the room and disinfection of all touch surfaces, room furnishings and bathrooms using specialized disinfectants is carried out after each guest’s stay.
5)All hotel rooms and public areas are subject to thorough ventilation.
6)The room will be made available for rent again, after proper disinfection.
7)Linens and towels are dry-cleaned in a specialized laundry in accordance with current sanitary guidelines.
8)Guest laundry service is suspended until further notice.
9)The use of hotel blow dryers in room bathrooms is prohibited.

1)In case of symptoms of contagion, please contact the reception of the facility and stay at home before arriving at LOFT 22. We provide a flexible approach to no-cost rescheduling.
2)LOFT 22 has introduced a separate procedure for suspected COVID-19 infection for both employees and hotel guests.